teaching students with emotionally hurting and at risk of dropping out and failing

1 million drop outs a year, most have mental, emotional problems, test us everyday in the classroom, act like they don’t want help or to learn

1. change perception of students and change expectations

2. find new ways to teach

It’s all about the connection to the individual.

[he met and liked obama as teacher of the year]

teachers help students write the story of their life – personal connection to read their story and help them with it

they live in the world of opposable thumb, want us to meet them there

don’t just do the academic, address the social/emotional too, group process, etc, teacher as facilitator

much success with learning after intro tech, lappies and SB, especially in math

destiny is not origin, sum yesterday not equal tomorrow

tech they like is not challenging, intimidating and does not judge mistakes but allows corrections

SMART Board training video

October 25, 2008

This 30 minute tutorial video is very good. It takes you to the next level with SMART Board Notebook software.