Wikis in the Classroom

June 28, 2007

Using Wikis in the Classroom by Vicki Davis with Adam Frey

Wiki is a webpage with an edit button.
-history (see what has happened, old versions, and see what each kid did)
-access control (the collaboration you want) (wikispaces will set up anonymous accounts for teachers)
– lots of help here
– the live generated wiki from session

let wikis be about facts, let blog be conversation with opinion and fact

>double brackets makes new page [[ with title in..
>you can paste any widget in with insert media button (looks like youtube)
>work in small chunks, not a word processor,
>use the discussion tab
>show students right up front that the history will show exactly what each member posted
>allow students to control not only content but also structure

more help at

Her 2 big projects – look for rubric and lessons etc here.

On Location: A Comparative Study of Countries in Africa and Asia by Linda Patterson

Set up Problem based learning: Where in Africa and Asia should we film the action adventure movie?

title = survival
groups will make presentation of their opinion of the best location for the script
elements of project include:
database sort and filter of african countries
write letter of interest to locations
persuasive essay