so it looks like they demonstrated a lesson with lots of tech and then had “teachers” evaluate the lesson along lines of Tools;┬áLearning Objectives;┬áStudent Safety; and┬áProcess Observers

Visual communication is primary, analogy – visual like jet plane, text like propplane for how fast brain process info, sound more like walkinkg

Color – brain and eye process color first, black after so color image gets to you first

use image and color to elicit emotion – but this is open to viewer to interpret, so be careful

indirect v direct representation image selection

audience will read text on screen while you talk, this makes it hard to process cognitive load theory John Sweller

higher order thinking needed to present “message” stripped down – simplicity is ultimate sophistication DaVinci

Key idea Its not the info you are delivering, its the delivery and how it is designed, visual imagery selected carefully can help you communicate more effectively.

image sites ; ; openphoto ; morguefile