School + Delicious

March 4, 2010

Kevin S. Spencer –

use subscriptions to harvest other people as they bookmark, follow tags you like

network on delicious, follow certain people, add network

he follows

add peron, tag, network, whatever in your rss reader

use to keep up with feeds

email weekly feeds as news letter through rss and specific tag – tag 5 sites in a week with “smart_this_week” and puts ’em in an email, sends to list you decide


This session was with David Warlick on using Web2.0 to support professional learning. It was fun, he always entertains and has good taste in music.

Handout here

He articulated a pretty coherent picture of how one can learn about something by seeing what people who are interested in that same something are saying about it. A simple, powerful idea.

Here is what I took from it as a way to engage your own PLN.

Read blogs sideways
read blogs by people that comment on the blogs you like
participate in the blog conversation

Let info come to you

1. Set up aggregator (netvibes, bloglines, pageflakes)
2. Technorati search for blogs
3. Google news search for … news
4. Flickr tag ( for your subject)
5. Add results from 2 to 5 to your aggregator.

Do something with twitter – I really don’t get this one yet.