Office 2007 Resources

December 2, 2008

Office 2007 offers many improvements to make your work easier, faster, and more efficient. You just have to put in some time and energy to learn how to get the most out of the improvements.

Ofice Button

Ofice Button

One of the biggest changes is the file menu. It is gone. Well not really gone, but replaced with the Office Button. You will find save, print, open and many of the other file menu tools under the Office button. Things are rearranged a bit, for example if you are looking for page set up (to switch from portrait to landscape) you go Office button > Print preview > Page layout. Or you can use the Page Layout ribbon.

Read more the Office button in Microsoft’s article “What happened to the File menu?

Office 2007 Ribbon

Office 2007 Ribbon

The ribbon system is another major interface change. Many common tasks that used to be on various toolbars are now more easily accessed through tabbed ribbons. Read more about the ribbon system in Microsoft’s article “Use the Ribbon“.

Many people find Office 2007 intuitive to use. Spend a few minutes getting oriented with the Office button and the the ribbon system and then get busy. Try to insert and format a table in word or make graph in excel. It will take a few extra minutes to find things but it will be worth it. People that have been using 2007 for a while say they find things to be more logical and that they are more productive once they learn their way around.

Office 2007 Training Resources

Microsoft Office Word 2007 Quick Start Guide [] – This 2 page PDF would be useful as a hard copy sitting by your computer as you get used to the new Word, lots of information in a small package.

Microsoft Office Training Courses [] – learn from the source, these are the official training courses from Microsoft, organized by application. These are very thorough and comprehensive, jump to the section you need.

Office 2007 How-Tos on the How-To Geek [] – This is a list of “How to” do specific tasks such as “Add Background Color To Word 2007 Documents” and “Add Background Pictures To Excel 2007 Worksheets