Boni Hamilton this site has real teacher previewed websites, in searchable database, with lesson ideas and classroom use tips

Use MP3 player to record student reading, have them listen to it back and mark their own running record

with young learners, let them share a computer

Into the books –

teachers videos of how to teach the comprehension strategies

students student are reminded of strategy and get to practice, remembers progress

create books with young – download powerpoint template and fill out whole class? depending, or redo with Notebook

vocabulary illustrated with images

vocabulary review quiz – 10,000 $ pyramid style game… for vocab or concept review, 1 can see clue 1 cannot, give clues

use object animation to show correct and not correct upon selection – give feedback and make “self checking”

make a wordle to show character traits, most important trait is larger, etc.  – then write a paragraph to explain the character, paste wordle in.

CSI – Caution Student’s Infering

Gail Lovely

Book loving technologist

Reading work V Reading pleasure

Roles and tools for tech in reading

myths and legends around the world at

google lit trip – location based retelling in google maps, for download, adds information and context of place, add map and location context. can retell or support and deepen understanding of text

Authoring “cartoon” looking stories, books for myths and legends – online cartooning

retell a story in voicethread –

compare contrast characters in glogster; visual expression of understanding

glogster example –

skype with an author at – – get students interested in author, writing and writing process, read author’s work first and prepare questions.

download audiobooks from

Florida lit to go – with audio, text and teaching materials

storyline – famous actors reading books, well done. /zingertales – storytellers telling stories.

booktalks and book review type podcasts – post and connect to library website or search database.