Clif Mims —¬†

Tools teachers can use to engage students and get toward higher order thinking, with a smattering of interesting lesson ideas. – url shortener with custom url box for you to use to establish pattern.

Posterous – upload most any file to blog using email

safety lesson idea – take a bunch of digital photos and then sort through to see which are OK to post online to public. – individual student accts without student email addresses

Lesson idea – voicethread for character study based on image –

Lesson idea – voicethread for shape hunt on pictures

Lesson idea – math problem solving approach illustrated, explained Рblock unblock! Рnice way to post content, you can also  embed page elsewhere- example of library glogster page– online book maker, book looking format, text and images, upload images, etc. You can have them print, bind the book and mail to you for low cost. – easy podcasting in the browser, 5 minute limit, plus 1 image