Inauguration Resources

January 12, 2009

Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2009 is Presidential Inauguration Day. This is a particularly historic inauguration. Are your students interested in all the attention President-elect Barack Obama has been getting? Are they interested in learning more about presidents, inauguration and government?

Here are some resources to use in the classroom for showing the historical importance of the inauguration.

From Scholastic – This lesson plan is designed to To help students understand the President’s responsibilities and encourage interest in civic participation. It includes a review of the oath of office, poetry, and inaugural address writing.

Hotchalk has a collection of videos from 25 past presidential inaugural addresses here:

Time For Kids has an article on past inaugurations:,27972,93530,00.html . As well as a recent edition dedicated to Barack Obama,27955,081114,00.html

C-SPAN has a compare and contrast lesson idea based on a collection of inaugural addresses from George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and  George W. Bush. The lesson is aimed at middle or high school students, but could be adapted for younger students.

Brief rundown of what the inauguration is, what happens on a timeline, etc. can be found here: This page includes a link to a “Barack Obama Timeline Worksheet” reading comprehension activity.

Here is a SMART Board Notebook file that covers the steps to the presidential election and the inauguration. It includes the oath of office and the vocabulary in the oath.

Learn NC has a collection of Inauguration resources here:

Library of Congress American Memory Project collection – this site has a vast collection of historical images and documents. Here are some of their resources relating to past inaugurations. this page has images from the inaugurations of  George Washington, James Buchanan, Abraham Lincoln, and Woodrow Wilson. is a list of notable events sourounding past inaugurations.

The District of Columbia’s site dedicated to the inauguration: You will find information about the actual event in D.C. here.

Public School Insights website has a big listing of inauguration related materials,, including lesson plans and writing contests.

Want to be President for a Day? Try this from PBSKids it lets you see the kinds of things a president does and how busy the job is.

Virtual Tour of the Whitehouse: