Halloween is almost upon us. Here are a few Halloween resources for you (borrowed from Larry Ferlazzo and anne marie).

History and Reading Passages:

CBBC Newsround Halloween Guide: A series of very accessible short texts describing Halloween that include images. They give a very good overview. Look to the right for short articles.

History Channel Halloween focus: Watch  good, short video clips about halloween history.

Halloweens Around The World: You can get a good understanding of how different countries recognize and celebrate Halloween.

Festivals of the Dead from Around the World – Great descriptions of Festivals of the Dead from places like Japan, Cambodia and Mexico.

5 Minute English: has a short reading passage with comprehension questions about Halloween history.


Safety is a big concern when our students are out at night taking candy from strangers.

Hershey has a Halloween Safety Quiz– discusses Halloween saftey using an interactive quiz format

Halloween Saftey game– in line with the previous site–a game to quiz students about what they should do if certain situations arise when trick or treating.