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Incorporating media and making tours in Google Earth (GE)
Hal’s blog with info covered, presentation, docs with code and kmz files
From Discovery Educator Network Media Matters Blog

>Google Earth Pro free for educators… contact debra kettmann at to get unlock code to pro trial.
Pro allows you to make movies of your stuff in GE > then publish, add music, etc

>GE is best when you give it scale. start with known so they can understand new

>use quick time pro to copy music chunk, then “add to movie”

>Image overlay to imbed or link video
>turn on flickr layer for stuff tagged with geographic data
>check out geographic web… panoramio…
>image overlay in toolbar. add picture, browse or use url. rotate, resize, etc. you can annotate images too. use snap shot view to zoom in???

> this site googlelittrips. is a excellent example of how to use tours with annotated placemarks. all organized around literature, but easy to see other uses. Really great stuff hear about organizing the complex.

>link in video , from say org or unitedstreaming or whatever. You can put in link and play view from browser that opens, or,
>set placemark, download video local, then play from hard drive or flash and don’t worry about internet…

baloons off?
3d veiw etc, exagerate if you want
show web results in external or not…

>right click on placemark, get info. paste in your own code….
>save place as …. kmz file .. that makes it portable.

>save as kml so you can open in word… edit code… change img src etc… word can save back as kml… then change kml to kmz… file open in GE (file open)

directions on his blog….

don’t be scared to show kids code. Google earth is friendly way to get big pay off for a bit of code. another chance to get at complexity, organizing the complex.

>add network link… I don’t know what this is, maybe set default GE open location remotely for network or something?
(flikr is example)
change the on server.

>you can also copy images into overlay, you will need the images on drive.

TOUR how to
make folder
fill with place marks
click folder, then play
preferences can control speed.
link up webcam in tour… as img src.

to and from
becomes tour
click play for fly over tour

>curriculum link
jones family path in grapes of wrath
you can make path with pop up boxes and fill with content.

>post sounds in location for habitat study, etc

Use series of place mark as geographic quiz