student centered pedagogy, expert student learners

kinder kids global exchange through voicethread linked on google doc

learning experts or content experts?

let kids be tech tool expert

“The Important Book” to build class community and bio poems

They seem to be doing much of the same “find and repackage information” type schooling with cool tech tools.  So?

see – spreadsheet of ideas? can’t view Teacher’s guide to international collaboration

upcoming global education conference, November 15 – 19, 2010 – he’s from and looking to get kids getting to work on 20 global problems

iearn project “our footprints our future” –

global nomads group – – doing service learning and will bring classes in

see and

start voicethread as powerpoint, upload, then kids go on and comment.

record teacher voice and or video giving directions of prompts for students and what they should do per slide, how and what to comment on…  also put up pictures or docs and tell kids to post up their questions.

put up ‘passage’ and have kids post reading strategy type comment on that text.

kids make voicethread on content

using trakstar to do treasure hunt research, package as voicethread.


students learned about regions of US in groups, becoming experts, then put together game to deliver content questions, showing learning and accessing creativity.

presenters reviewed project in which students read articles on website, do comprehension work, draft letters, revise and then post as blog on said site, much in this depends on relationship between teacher and “travel Dean” website author.


note – articles rewritten by teacher for student access, vocab intro prior to read, read with print out, take notes on form – paper pencil, draft on paper, post blog at end.

Education | Glogster

November 13, 2009

Glogster, Poster Making 2.0 Education | Glogster.

This site allows you to make a multimedia digital poster. This is a highly engaging way for students to communicate and share their learning.

Our students today expect to access and create information in the digital realm. We have the technology to meet them where they are. Also, many of our students are visual learners, Glogster gives us and easy way to capitalize on that.

Brenda Blog at discusses the importance of teacher students visual literacy and how Glogster can support that. She also provides links to examples of Glogster in elementary education.

This PDF shows you how to get started with

Here are more examples



Wikis in the Classroom

June 28, 2007

Using Wikis in the Classroom by Vicki Davis with Adam Frey

Wiki is a webpage with an edit button.
-history (see what has happened, old versions, and see what each kid did)
-access control (the collaboration you want) (wikispaces will set up anonymous accounts for teachers)
– lots of help here
– the live generated wiki from session

let wikis be about facts, let blog be conversation with opinion and fact

>double brackets makes new page [[ with title in..
>you can paste any widget in with insert media button (looks like youtube)
>work in small chunks, not a word processor,
>use the discussion tab
>show students right up front that the history will show exactly what each member posted
>allow students to control not only content but also structure

more help at

Her 2 big projects – look for rubric and lessons etc here.