student centered pedagogy, expert student learners

kinder kids global exchange through voicethread linked on google doc

learning experts or content experts?

let kids be tech tool expert

“The Important Book” to build class community and bio poems

They seem to be doing much of the same “find and repackage information” type schooling with cool tech tools.  So?

see – spreadsheet of ideas? can’t view Teacher’s guide to international collaboration

upcoming global education conference, November 15 – 19, 2010 – he’s from and looking to get kids getting to work on 20 global problems

iearn project “our footprints our future” –

global nomads group – – doing service learning and will bring classes in



living in exponential time, 30 steps get you to a billion

“living on the future edge” their book

based on moore’s law – chip double every 24 months, cost down by half – then revised to 18 months

moore now saying this will continue for 15 to 20 years, others say 100 years, now he’s saying faster, double every 12 months,  now every 6 months

consequences – like distribution of info (news, radio, tv, books, etc)

coming whether we admit it or not

extreme rate of change, in 2022 computers will be millions or billions of times more powerful

phone example, old analog phone to desk to cell, each step so disruptive

recorded music example, phonograph, reel to reel, cassette, cd, ipod



small, better, more disruptive, more things it can do

gps (map) changed the way we travel by giving us more info better

services changing in the same way, ie, shopping, woolwoorth, sears, walmart, online – disrupted retail and killed mom and pop businesses

Gastronomy Podcasts

June 29, 2010


good resources on blogging with students




Boni Hamilton this site has real teacher previewed websites, in searchable database, with lesson ideas and classroom use tips

Use MP3 player to record student reading, have them listen to it back and mark their own running record

with young learners, let them share a computer

Into the books –

teachers videos of how to teach the comprehension strategies

students student are reminded of strategy and get to practice, remembers progress

create books with young – download powerpoint template and fill out whole class? depending, or redo with Notebook



so it looks like they demonstrated a lesson with lots of tech and then had “teachers” evaluate the lesson along lines of Tools; Learning Objectives; Student Safety; and Process Observers


technology is source and answer of PERTURBATION –

why invest in technology if you don’t want to do anything new?

Looking at student work to see what the investment in tech is returning.

scoring guide to look at student work, made with ncrel.

the question is what type of communication not what tool… Narrative, Persuasive, Information/expository

@ 85% is information/expository or repackaging existing information


start with Types of communication, then Modes (media type), then Tool. Don’t put the tool first.

Spreadsheet Magic

June 28, 2010


spreadsheets to download, use spreadsheets for more than math.


see and

start voicethread as powerpoint, upload, then kids go on and comment.

record teacher voice and or video giving directions of prompts for students and what they should do per slide, how and what to comment on…  also put up pictures or docs and tell kids to post up their questions.

put up ‘passage’ and have kids post reading strategy type comment on that text.

kids make voicethread on content

using trakstar to do treasure hunt research, package as voicethread.