Tame the Chaos

March 5, 2010



teach students to see tech as tool, and toy, they all come in knowing tech as toy

Tech Integration (USE) Flow steps

  1. curriculum
  2. does tech to it well, which tech
  3. what tech skills do students need
  4. Organize learning environment
  5. set expectations – process and product
  6. define outcomes – process and product

put most powerful tech in the smallest hands, they need the multimedia, simple interface, headphones

baby wipe headphone cords when you sit down –

use headphone jack, not usb, then just get a cheap splitter.



simplybox – make a page of links using screen shots – http://simplybox.com/public/?id=34950

screenhunter from wisdom for screenshots http://wisdom-soft.com/products/screenhunter_free.htm

print screenshots for directions – laminate and circle choices, steps of where to click, etc.

vocaroo to record audio

always pair students on tech – similar students

http://minutesplease.com/ enter url and time, you get to be on the site for that much time


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