Web 2.0 Technologies for Elementary and Middle School Classrooms Clif Mims

March 4, 2010

Clif Mims — http://tr.im/cm109

Tools teachers can use to engage students and get toward higher order thinking, with a smattering of interesting lesson ideas.

tr.im – url shortener with custom url box for you to use to establish pattern.

Posterous – upload most any file to blog using email

safety lesson idea – take a bunch of digital photos and then sort through to see which are OK to post online to public.

Kidblog.org – individual student accts without student email addresses

Lesson idea – voicethread for character study based on image –

Lesson idea – voicethread for shape hunt on pictures

Lesson idea – math problem solving approach illustrated, explained

edu.glogster.com – block glogster.com unblock edu.blogster.com! – nice way to post content, you can also  embed page elsewhere- example of library glogster page http://mckilloplibrary.edu.glogster.com/mckillop-home/?w1

http://www.tikatok.com/– online book maker, book looking format, text and images, upload images, etc. You can have them print, bind the book and mail to you for low cost.

AudioBoo.fm – easy podcasting in the browser, 5 minute limit, plus 1 image


2 Responses to “Web 2.0 Technologies for Elementary and Middle School Classrooms Clif Mims”

  1. Clif Mims Says:

    I hope you found the information useful, Matt.

  2. Clif, I enjoyed the session and found many of the tools you mentioned useful. Thank you for sharing your expertise.

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