Got Skype, Now What

March 5, 2010

presentation at

Ideas for use

  • Skype other room – pose math puzzle, reading, share video or other files
  • give everybody in the school skype and use for basic communication
  • rainy day recess fun times
  • planning or meeting when resources are in different locations
  • workshops and training across district
  • connect with library, read across library, special events at the library, etc
  • skype with a school in another state, ask each other map based questions and try to figure out where the person on the other side is…
  • partner class and share learning, or ask each other questions to go find out and answer next time
  • festival of lights type traditions, skype with someone there that can talk about the traditions
  • skype an author
  • find people at

other links


Tame the Chaos

March 5, 2010

teach students to see tech as tool, and toy, they all come in knowing tech as toy

Tech Integration (USE) Flow steps

  1. curriculum
  2. does tech to it well, which tech
  3. what tech skills do students need
  4. Organize learning environment
  5. set expectations – process and product
  6. define outcomes – process and product

put most powerful tech in the smallest hands, they need the multimedia, simple interface, headphones

baby wipe headphone cords when you sit down –

use headphone jack, not usb, then just get a cheap splitter.


simplybox – make a page of links using screen shots –

screenhunter from wisdom for screenshots

print screenshots for directions – laminate and circle choices, steps of where to click, etc.

vocaroo to record audio

always pair students on tech – similar students enter url and time, you get to be on the site for that much time

Look at

March 5, 2010

gizmos subscription –

scope on a rope

vocabulary illustrated with images

vocabulary review quiz – 10,000 $ pyramid style game… for vocab or concept review, 1 can see clue 1 cannot, give clues

use object animation to show correct and not correct upon selection – give feedback and make “self checking”

make a wordle to show character traits, most important trait is larger, etc.  – then write a paragraph to explain the character, paste wordle in.

CSI – Caution Student’s Infering this is the one we get

need to get our installs updated over summer.

The New 3Rs

March 4, 2010

site dedicated to study of web use

read 21st century skills – learning for life by b. trilling

School + Delicious

March 4, 2010

Kevin S. Spencer –

use subscriptions to harvest other people as they bookmark, follow tags you like

network on delicious, follow certain people, add network

he follows

add peron, tag, network, whatever in your rss reader

use to keep up with feeds

email weekly feeds as news letter through rss and specific tag – tag 5 sites in a week with “smart_this_week” and puts ’em in an email, sends to list you decide