How to Record Sound Effects from a Website with Audacity

April 7, 2009

Start by planning. What sound effects will you need? It may help to list search terms you will use to find sound effects:

These directions will only work when you do NOT have the USB headset plugged in.

1. open audacity, minimize

2. go to the “free sound project” website

3. search for a sound (use the search box, listen so results with triangle)

4. once you locate a sound you want to record, bring audacity back up

5. mute all tracks

6. change recording source from “microphone” to “wave out” or “wave out mix” (this is in the toolbar, just below and to right of the play, record, etc)

7. press record

8. bring up the freesound page, press play

9. let audacity record the sound, you may want to record it several times to make sure you get a good copy

10. use copy and paste to move the sound to the correct part of the recording

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