LearnNC has put out another collection of lesson plans that will work well for Global Scholars. These lessons can be found here: http://blogs.learnnc.org/blog/2009/01/21/new-world-cultures-lesson-plans-incorporating-multimedia/

There are 4 lessons on this page, 3 of which fit elementary curriculum very well:

  • Comparing pottery traditions from around the world
  • “Motor Car and Galimoto” An intercultural lesson in pragmatism, creativity, and perseverance, in which students read about a young boy in Malawi, Africa, and his quest to gather wire in order to make a toy car
  • Studying ecosystems in the mountains in Nepal

LearnNC has an ever growing collection of  lesson plans that incorporate rich multimedia from around the world. Right now they have 19 lessons with more on the way. You will find the lessons here: http://www.learnnc.org/search?project_ID=20&ed_type=lesson+plan,teacher%27s+guide.

The lessons all make use of LearnNCs rich collection of multimedia from around the world which can be found here: http://www.learnnc.org/lp/pages/4162.

I have started using 21classes for student blogging. It has some features that I really like. If you have seen it before,
take another look, it is now much better than when I first saw it.


Things I like about 21Classes:

  • Good privacy settings
  • Easy to use – less features than some blog tools but what is there is easy for students
  • No student email required
  • Simple account creation
  • Some customization allowed
  • Allows some HTML, including embedding images and videos
  • All student blogs are connected through the teacher’s blog
  • Teacher’s blog is “portal to classroom blog community”
  • It is easy for student to find and comment on one anothers’ blogs

Things I don’t like about 21 Classes:

  • Lack of features
  • Not as attractive as some
  • Free accounts only get 2 megs of storage