New Literacy: Search

October 22, 2008

SEARCH is one of the new basic literacies. I was reading this post at Cool Cat Teacher Blog and I couldn’t agree more.

We know the world our students are growing up in is just getting more and more complex. With so much information to deal with we have to teach them how to find useful information quickly.


Vicki says that search strategies, especially google’s define: tool [example – define: communicate] are part of the new digital literacies, in her words,

Stop viewing Search Literacy as “tricks”
The sad thing is that so many people view the define function as just that, a trick.  It is not!  It is part of being an efficient, effective human being in the 21st century.  It is part of being literate.

This can start in elementary school. Defining good key words, narrowing results with simple logic, simple operators like define: and scanning results beyond the first page are all within reach of elementary students.

We know they are going to use google. Let’s help them use it well.

I just found out about Google’s collaborative project with Life from David Warlick’s 2C Worth. This is another example of the power of being search literate.


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