How to get started with Blogging

July 5, 2008

Steps to starting with blogs

  1. Think through commenting and posting. Three big decisions are:
    1. Who will post?
    2. Who will read?
    3. Who will comment?
  2. Prepare and deliver lessons as appropriate on online safety, personal information, ethics and netiquette
  3. Post link to or your blog on your website
  4. Set up teacher account with 21classes
    1. Select theme and layout
    2. Set access Permissions to private or public
    3. Set Comments appropriately
  5. Add students using ePals or other email account
    1. Define Authors and Readers
  6. Create student blogs if necessary
    1. Teacher is administrator
    2. Student is Author
    3. Set appropriate access levels
    4. Set Comments appropriately
  7. Distribute Usernames and Passwords. Usernames and passwords will be in students’ email inbox
  8. Students are ready to log in and get started
  9. Students can access each others blogs through the drop down menu on community portal. add each other’s blogs to their Reading List under the Dashboard. This allows quick access to each other’s blogs once they are logged in to blogger.
  10. Continually monitor student writing.

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