Delicious for Social Bookmarking

June 6, 2008

I evaluated Delicious and Diigo for use by teachers. Although they are both categoriezed at “social bookmarking tools”, I found them to be very different. Delicious lets you keep a list of bookmarks, find similar web pages bookmarked by other Dilicious users, as well as find bookmark lists of other users and correspond with other users. Diigo does all this but so much more. Diigo does everything that Delicious does and much more. deliciosDiigo allows one to highlight text on a web page and then share those annotations with others. Diigo also makes it simple to create teams that collaborate on web site collection. Diigo seems to be more of a collaborative reasearch tools and Delicious is more of a way to share and find good websites.

I recommend Delicious for situations when a teachers wants a quick way to create lists of websites as they find them, and share those lists with students.

Delicious meets the standards put forth here and here.

If one wanted students to participate in the collection of websites, and sharing annotations about websites I would recommend Diigo.


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