Web 2.0 tool rundown

March 13, 2008

List at http://technologyties.pbwiki.com/f/web20_list.pdf

a note concerning tools

  • free tools – may come and go, may start charging, ads so watch out
  • email address maybe needed

Highlights to Check Out

  • google docs – track changes, comments, multiple synchronous edits
  • scrapblog – multimedia scrapbooking tool with templates, incorporate picture, video, audio, text http://www.scrapblog.com/
  • toondoo – make cartoons with comments
  • Shelfari – manage book list on line with images, reviews, etc
  • google spreadsheet
  • trailfire – trail of webpages with comments on each page with wiki trail with multiple users, also put questions in trail (also daftdogdy)
  • gliffy – make diagrams and flow charts – coeditable – many people can edit
  • xtimeline – online timeline
  • circavie – online timeline maker with multimedia
  • Geni – family treemaker
  • slideroll – online slideshow with images – photostory-ish (no audio)
  • sketchcast – make “sketch” video presentation”
  • peertrainer – record food and exercise over time
  • Lulu – make books, self publishing, then they can sell for you
  • fleck – webpage annotation tool

check out http://www.classroom20.com


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