This session was with David Warlick on using Web2.0 to support professional learning. It was fun, he always entertains and has good taste in music.

Handout here

He articulated a pretty coherent picture of how one can learn about something by seeing what people who are interested in that same something are saying about it. A simple, powerful idea.

Here is what I took from it as a way to engage your own PLN.

Read blogs sideways
read blogs by people that comment on the blogs you like
participate in the blog conversation

Let info come to you

1. Set up aggregator (netvibes, bloglines, pageflakes)
2. Technorati search for blogs
3. Google news search for … news
4. Flickr tag ( for your subject)
5. Add results from 2 to 5 to your aggregator.

Do something with twitter – I really don’t get this one yet.

Web 2.0 tool rundown

March 13, 2008

List at

a note concerning tools

  • free tools – may come and go, may start charging, ads so watch out
  • email address maybe needed

Highlights to Check Out

  • google docs – track changes, comments, multiple synchronous edits
  • scrapblog – multimedia scrapbooking tool with templates, incorporate picture, video, audio, text
  • toondoo – make cartoons with comments
  • Shelfari – manage book list on line with images, reviews, etc
  • google spreadsheet
  • trailfire – trail of webpages with comments on each page with wiki trail with multiple users, also put questions in trail (also daftdogdy)
  • gliffy – make diagrams and flow charts – coeditable – many people can edit
  • xtimeline – online timeline
  • circavie – online timeline maker with multimedia
  • Geni – family treemaker
  • slideroll – online slideshow with images – photostory-ish (no audio)
  • sketchcast – make “sketch” video presentation”
  • peertrainer – record food and exercise over time
  • Lulu – make books, self publishing, then they can sell for you
  • fleck – webpage annotation tool

check out

NCAECT Session 1 – Comprehension and Fluency with Voicethread

Their wiki at:

Fluency – powerpoint on their wiki

  • Rehearsal opportunities for automaticity
  • get past decoding and to comprehension
  • use single words on ppt with voice and wait time – for automaticity – and then add picture with word for recognition

2nd grade Comprehension and Voicethread

  • the school has voicethread site
  • teacher has her voicethread site
  • only 3 for free – so delete and start over
  • Use Voicethread for comprehension discussion
  • students pick animal image avatar
  • Teacher has avatar that they recognize and use that to get prompt
  • Parents can get there.
  • you can also type your answer – for at home or whatever

3rd grade comprehension and Voicethread

  • literature circle with voicethread
  • all directions are in teacher avatar
  • no name
  • all jobs like in regular lit circle
  • they can answer each other
  • they can doodle on screen

Directions – posted on the site

  • be sure to check the what is a voice thread link on
  • load icon up for the kids. show them how to select. – identity
  • tell the kids “2 re-dos and then you are stuck with it”
  • kids can delete other’s work

Publishing! Let them illustrate and narrate their stories