The REAL Work of 21st-Century Skills

June 26, 2007

The REAL Work of 21st-Century Skills by Ed Coughlin

It is not all about web 2.0, etc, but really about

Let your goals be about teaching and learning, not technology use.

What do employers hire?
-self-directed and adaptable
-thinkers and problem solvers
-collaborate well

Start a zoo as real learning, project, has been done a long time, but now more needed. 21 c skills are hard to do and tech makes scalable / easier

harvard Iron project? writing around world

updated 21 century skills

1. 21 c themes (content more needed now)
-global awareness -civic lit
-financial lit -health lit

*70% adults do not understand that science is based on evidence based research

2. Learning and Innovation

3. infor media and tech skills
-info lit
-media/visual media lit
-tech lit

4. Life and Career skills

Are these personal qualities or acquired skills (for self directed)?
-self directed role model of same sex parent
-chances to be self directed before school
-easy to build

real work is hard work

advocacy – leadership development – pd – change processes – research and assess and loop back

advocacy and vision building – people need to know what this stuff looks like — for teachers, parents, leaders, etc and KIDS – they often don’t know and don’t necessarily really know how to use tech well.

leadership – prepare administrators first, and teacher leaders [because teachers listen to other teachers best], leader solves problems with 21 c skills, consider coaches, use teams

curriculum redesign – change context [personal narrative to digital storytelling // expository to writing for media // persuasive writing to writing for the web]; explicit instruction [thinking skills, info lit, goal setting and self monitoring self evaluation; scaffolding and support [project planning checklist, creative process, teaming and collaboration instruction, how to work together]; professional develop [“student achievement through professional development” joyce and showers – do some kind of real follow up – observation, peer review, etc, need 25 episodes of reinforcement to get it into practice — coaching and mentorship, integration into curriculum — model units, building leadership teams]

[this american life has comic book of how to do ‘this american life’ style story]

opportunity does not equal building

need explicit instruction

project based, problem based learning research says often not very successful, because students don’t know how to plan.

21c skills assessments – iste has some, ncrel has some, self direction assessment – edward deci, also dearfield community

barry zimmerman bk michenbaum biemiller self regulated learning, maurice gibbons

denise pope “miseducating our children”

opportunity is not enough

reward progress, not effort > presentations, it will be there…

praise strategies, effort, not “your intelligent”

thinking classroom from harvard

carole dwek on npr – failing 7th grade math – remediation not as good as class on work = more learning &bk mindsets

stories of effort and progress

fred newman about how to do authentic units


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