Supporting Nonfiction Vocabulary and Comprehension Using Visual Learning and Inspiration

June 26, 2007

Supporting Nonfiction Vocabulary and Comprehension Using Visual Learning and Inspiration by Eric LeMoine

>On the CD start with the Start_Here document.

>Big diagram? use collapse / expand

>Quiz Diagram, use expand to show answer, or use notes of answer and proof

>paste symbol into note

>version 8 has online templates, look for globe symbol in the templates

>crtl e = fit diagram to screen

>throw a bunch of words up, give directions to group into related categories, come up with symbol (label) for each new category
>also do this with words that could be grouped in multiple ways

>view – notes – hide all

>vocab template (from web)

>once the kids learn to use, force them to create in outline view

>arrange, use auto arrange, now new elements will continue to be arranged

ACCESSIBLIZING non-fiction text — make accessible [scaffolding vocab and ideas]
>diagram info, ideas, concepts, texts
>before, during, after reading
>shared reading
>Diagram with all hidden,
-uncover level 1
-uncover one bubble
-continue like that
[group note taking]

>focus in /focus out with ctrl e
will take ‘child’ and show only that stuff
so from big…. select shift ctrl x then ctrl e to go to part, to go back to whole, shift ctrl y then ctrl e to see whole again

>hyperlink to scaffold research project [big6???]
-put links to sites and questions on isf file
-kid goes and work on it, enters answers in note.
-link to work doc to make their written work

>inspiration now has templates per state standard on their web site

This is another great tool for managing complexity. The way to have a very complicated web and zoomed in to part of it really helps me see this as more useful.


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