IVC Mystery Quest and Read Around the Planet

June 25, 2007

2 IVC Projects

Mystery Quest a quiz about geography.
(from ‘learning space’ and ‘where in the world’)

Basically, classes present clues to each other about a place and try to figure out the other folks clues. Students work in teams to make clues for a place and then to solve other sides clues. Students take notes on other teams’ clues. Teams have time to research the clues and ask for clarification, ask questions.

1. introductions (sound working etc)
2. teams present clues (5 minutes, creative deliver, audience takes notes, take notes on all [ie, don’t decide which to solve til end])
3. Groups assigned or pick clue set to solve.
4. Groups research – decide if you want to restrict to google or not, map skill sor not.
5. Groups ask each other clarifying questions
6. review answers and rationales…

Read Around the Planet
celebrate Dr. Seuss Birthday
put on by twice
team up with other classes to read and celebrate Dr. Seuss.



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